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Katy Trail Arrival

Need help? We're available by phone or text, 24/7 at 512-623-7480.

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  • The Guild is located in the The Katy building at 3111 N Houston St, Dallas, TX 75219

  • Locate the main entrance doors on Houston St.

  • If driving, temporarily park in one of the 5 spaces along the street

    During business hours, these doors will be open.

  • If the doors are locked, locate the call box to the far left of the doors.

  • Enter #001 to call the concierge and gain access thru the doors.

  • During business hours, enter the lobby and turn left to make your way to The Guild Ambassador Desk.

    The front desk attendant will supply you with your room/building access fob and parking pass (if parking).

    IMPORTANT: Parking must be reserved through a Guild ambassador on site or prior to stay by texting 512-623-7480.

  • Outside of business hours, enter the lobby and proceed right past the pool. Locate the concierge desk at the end of the hall.

    The concierge will provide you will your room/building access fob. Please leave the fob with the concierge at your final departure.

    IMPORTANT: Parking must be reserved through a Guild ambassador on site or prior to stay by texting 512-623-7480.

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  • Proceed to the main elevators located directly across of the concierge desk.

  • Scan your fob on the reader outside of the main elevators on the left then call the elevator.

  • Inside the main elevators, scan your fob again on the reader and press your floor number.

  • Exit the main elevators and follow the signage throughout the halls to find your room number.

  • At your room, scan your fob on the reader just above the door handle.

    Your door will automatically lock after you open the door.

    Enjoy your stay!

    Having trouble? Call 512-623-7480 for help.

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Amenities Entrances

Use your keycard on the scanners to gain access to all amenities.

Level 1 - Pool, Pool Lounge, Coffee Shop; Level 7 - Fitness Center; Level 9 - Sky Lounge, Conference Rooms

  • Pool - level 1

    You can locate the pool entrances on the ground level across from the mail room or thru the lobby. The surrounding deck has lounge chairs, seating areas with TV’s, gas grills, and a fire pit and two hot tubs.

Gym 002.JPG
  • Fitness Center - level 7

    The Fitness Center has free weights, cycling, ellipticals, treadmills, and private studios. There is also an outdoor terrace with lounge chairs and a gas grill.

Cyber Cafe 010.JPG
  • Conference Rooms - level 9

    The conference rooms are on a 2hr reservation basis. You can reserve a room with the concierge.

Maker Room 007.JPG
  • Pool Lounge - level 1

    The pool lunge has a kitchenette, dining areas, and a TV. It is acessable thru the lobby or thru the pool area.

Roof 03 Sky.jpg
  • Sky Lounge - level 7

The Sky Lounge has a lots of indoor seating, a kitchenette with TV, a gas grill, fire pit, and seating areas.

20Coffee Shop.jpg
  • Coffee Shop - level 1

The coffee shop is thru the lobby near the main entrance doors.

Having trouble? Call 512-623-7480 for help.

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Departure Info


  • Leaving via ride share? Please return your fob to the concierge on the ground level.

  • Driving? Return to your car thru the white garage door.

    If your parking items are in your car, please retrieve them and return them, with the fob, to the concierge before exiting the garage gates.



  • To exit the gated area of the garage, drive up to the gate and it will automatically open.

  • Exit the main garage entrance and be on your way.

    The main entrance bars will be up so you do not need to use the kiosks.

    Safe travels & come visit again soon!

    Having trouble? Call 512-623-7480 for help.

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