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Parking is available for guests at $20 per night.
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  • The Guild is located in the The Katy building at 3111 N Houston St, Dallas, TX 75219

  • Enter the garage on N Houston St.

    The parking bars at the main garage entrance will be open so you do not need to pull a ticket!

  • Turn to the left and park in the Future Resident spots, or any unmarked spots nearby.

  • If you are unable to find an opening, you can park in the Guest Lot. The Guest Lot is to the right after passing thru the garage entrance.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to return to your car and move it to The Guild spots behind the gate after retrieving your room/building fob and parking items from the concierge.

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  • Locate the glass doors near the Katy sign.

  • Locate the callbox to the left of the doors.

  • During business hours, these doors will be open.

    If the doors are locked, enter #001 on the callbox to call the concierge and gain access.

  • Proceed to the concierge desk directly in front of you.

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  • The concierge will provide you will your room/building access fob, parking access items, and assign you a parking spot.

    Please the fob and parking items with the concierge at your final departure.

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  • Return to your vehicle enter thru the gated section of the garage.

    To open the gate, hold the parking card to your front window the gates will open. To exit, pull up to the gate and it will automatically open.

  • Locate your Guild assigned parking spot down the ramp to your right immediately after passing thru the garage gate.

  • Leave your parking items displayed on your car dashboard.

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  • Locate the white building door directly across from the row with the Guild parking spots.

  • To open the door, scan your building fob on the reader to the right of the door.

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  • After entering the building, turn left to proceed to the main elevators located in front of the concierge desk.

  • Scan your fob on the reader outside of the main elevators then, call the elevator.

  • Inside the main elevators, scan your fob against on the reader then press your floor number.

  • Exit the main elevators and follow the signage throughout the halls to find your room number.

  • At your room, scan your fob on the reader just above the door handle.

    Your door will automatically lock after you open the door.

    Enjoy your stay!

    Having trouble? Call 512-623-7480 for help.

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