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  • The Guild is located in the Velocity in The Gulch building at 320 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203.

  • The Main Building Entrance is located on Pine St. to the right of the leasing office entrance.

  • Locate the Main Building Entrance doors and find the callbox on the wall to the left.

    Doors will be open from 9am-6pm, M-F.

  • Enter the code on the callbox to open the doors (code provided via text/email).

Lobby_04 copy.JPG
  • Enter the lobby and turn right into the hall just before the coffee machine.

V Doors_06 copy.JPG
  • Enter thru the doors with a ‘V’ on them.

  • Follow the next sign ahead to locate main elevator to your left.

    If you pass the drinking fountains, you’ve gone too far.

Ground Elevator_01 copy.JPG
  • Call the main elevator to go up.

  • Inside the main elevator, press ‘3’ to go to the 3rd floor .

  • Follow the signage just outside of the main elevator and throughout the halls to find your room number.

Yale_01 copy.JPG
  • Once you get to your door, enter your room code on the Yale Lock and the press the ✓ (code provided via text/email).

  • Room 362 will have a Schlage lock and will not require the ✓.

    Make sure to lock the door behind you after entering!

  • When leaving your room:

    Yale Lock - To lock the door behind you, press any button on the to lock.

    Schlage Lock - To lock the door behind you, press the ‘Schlage’ name at the top of the lock.


  • In your room, you will find your building fob and parking passes.

    You will use the fob during your stay to enter the building and to gain access to the building amenities.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure to leave these items in your room upon your final departure! Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

    Enjoy your stay!

Having trouble? Call 512-623-7480 for help.

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