Departure Info


IMPORTANT: Make sure to leave these items in your room upon your final departure! Failure to do so will result in additional charges.

Parking Pass and Fob.jpeg
  • For all departing guests, please leave your key fob and parking passes in your room.

    A fine will be added for missing parking passes and/or fob.

When leaving your room:

Yale Lock - To lock the door behind you, press any button on the to lock.

Schlage Lock - To lock the door behind you, press the ‘Schlage’ name at the top of the lock.

Thanks for keeping our rooms safe!

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Garage Door_03 copy.JPG
  • Driving? To get back to your car, go thru the door across from unit 330. This will put you out on the 3rd level of the garage.

Garage_25 copy.JPG

  • Drive down the ramps to the gate on the 2nd level.

  • The garage gate will open automatically when you drive up. You do not need the parking passes.

  • Exit the garage and be on your way! Safe travels & come visit again soon.

Having trouble? Call 512-623-7480 for help.

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