Friends & Neighbors of The Guild

the local community is our lobby. we love supporting our neighbors and helping our guests experience the best of the neighborhood.


Breakaway Records | Vinyls

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Breakaway Records are purveyors of vinyl. These guys hand selected the records provided for you in your rooms at the Guild East 6th location! Talk about commitment. 

The Guild's Partner, Brew & Brew in Austin, Texas

Brew & Brew | Coffee

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If you're staying at our East 6th location at The Corazon, use the card provided to you to grab a beer or coffee on us at Brew & Brew next door.

The Guild's Partner Cafe Medici in Austin, Texas

Caffé Medici | Coffee

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If you're staying at our Lamar Union location, use the card provided to you to grab a beer or coffee on us! Super friendly staff


Claire Zinnecker | Designer

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The lovely Claire designed our East 6th Corazon location. She has a way of making any room you walk into feel bright and cheerful. Check her out for inspiring home-grown interior design.


Fabian Puente | Artist

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Also the Creative Designer of The Guild, Fabian can conquer anything "Adobe." On top of assisting the creative team with daily needs, he's created work for over half our rooms in Austin.


High Contrast Design House | Designer

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Emily Basham-Hoelscher is one of our beloved Austin designers. Passion, creativity, and wit emanate from everything Emily designs.

The Guild's Partner, Honey Thompson

Honey Thompson | Artist

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Art extraordinaire and owner of "Toast Ranch Creations," Honey ensures each of our rooms is up to our brand standards--so all of your stays are as special as the last. She also creates many of the eclectic pieces you'll find in our rooms.

Jo's Coffee in Austin, Texas

Jo's Coffee | Coffee

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"Jo's Hot Coffee Good Food" is a favorite among locals. With their two locations - one on 2nd Street and one on South Congress - you're never far from grabbing a coffee, beer, or burger!

The Guild's Partner, Kevin Greer

Kevin Greer | Artist

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Kevin paints stunning, moving, canvases of rich color. You can find his work at our Downtown and Lamar Union locations.


Kind & Brave | Artist

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Abby Dreier is our Creative Director, but also writes short essays and creates hand-made items like the “Guildtones” you see in-room.

alamo-drafthouse-51 copy.jpg

Lamar Union Plaza | Experience

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Discover the ideal destination for the day, a plaza full of character with shopping, dining and entertainment. From the original iconic Alamo Drafthouse to entertainment at Highball, the Plaza provides everything you need.

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Michael Hsu Office of Architecture | Designer


producing work that is functional, engaging and honest, Michael Hsu did a wonderful job collaborating with us and helped design interiors for both our Miami & Cincinnati locations.



Molly Culver | Photographer

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Molly has shot most of our interiors for web and marketing use. Her ability to capture the feeling of a space is unparalleled.

Print Press | Experience

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Print Press was established in the heart of East Austin and aims to preserve the existing building infrastructure while promoting the cultural arts. These folks have a vision to aggregate art within a live-work community. In need of a studio space? Get in touch!


Tim Doyle | Artist

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Tim has the funkiest prints and sickest illustrations. Believe us. You can find his work at Parts & Labour on South Congress in the form of posters, books, and postcards. 


Tuft & Needle | Mattresses

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The. Most. Comfortable. Bed. You've. Ever. Slept. On.


Wiley Ross | Artist

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Wiley's paintings are placed throughout our Guild Lamar Union location. His work adds a much-appreciated pop of color and brightness to our rooms.


Zilker Brewing Co | Beer

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Great spot to grab a brewski! If you're staying at our East 6th @ The Arnold location, be sure to stop by for a beer on us.