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- about The Guild -

The Guild is turning the traditional hotel model on its head,  allowing our guests to bypass the front desk and immerse themselves into the surrounding neighborhood. We offer local insights and access, professionally-designed, locally-inspired living spaces, and gourmand-approved kitchens--without sacrificing the high-thread count linens, rosemary-scented bath products and other accoutrements of a boutique hotel.

We’re rule-breakers: we’re far too impatient to construct hotels from the ground-up; we instead identify vacant space in existing buildings and resourcefully convert that space into boutique hotel suites. We understand that today’s traveler values authentic experiences over material possessions. We’ve scrapped the traditional front desk and trendy lobby lounge; instead, we leverage smartphones and home automation to simplify check-in and personalize the guest experience.

We intro our guests to the surrounding neighborhood’s hidden gems, starting with a free coffee or beer across the street. We point them towards the most delectable taco food trucks and the innovative chef tasting menus that embody the city’s soul. We strive to provide our guests with the lasting memories--whether in their room or out exploring the city.

Since our March 2016 launch, we’ve been off to a blistering start. We’ve raised some money from well-respected West Coast venture investors,, grown our revenues to a scale unimaginable for most 2-yr-old startups, and expanded rapidly beyond our home market of Austin, TX. Far more importantly, our mature properties have a net promoter score of 84 (yes, you heard that correctly--our customers love us).

- your role -

The Guild’s Head of Product & User Experience is a seat-at-the-table role that will collaborate directly with the company founders (Brian & Chris) to actualize their audacious vision of fundamentally changing how travelers experience their destinations. The Guild was built (from its inception) to deliver on the promise to “travel like a local”--a concept other hotels & vacation rental platforms often promise yet seldom deliver.

We’re providing our Head of Product & User Experience with a blank slate, empowering her to rethink literally every component of our product, ranging from the original ad the guest sees... to the look & feel of the website… to the pre-stay interactions with our local hosts... to a mobile app that personalizes the stay and facilitates local immersion... to the vibe, sounds & smell of the room.


  • Collaborate directly with the co-founders to flesh out their audaciously bold vision to reinvent how humans travel and experience their destination
  • Lead a team of creatives and product managers to build digital and physical experiences that blow our customers friggin’ minds. On day one, your direct reports would include a talented Creative Director & Product Manager
  • Incorporate well-established design thinking principles into our process of conceiving and executing products: interview customers, storyboard the customer journey, convene product ideation sessions, create wire frames and mock ups, solicit user feedback and ship product   
  • Identify the right balance of art & science to ensure that we
    • Maintain the creative freedom to build something special & develop an emotional connection with our users
    • While embracing metrics that objectively quantify user delight and deliver on business objectives that drive the business forward
  • Identify furniture pieces and in-room products that embody the brand and facilitate memorable guest experiences yet are cost and operationally efficient
  • Establish a consistent brand voice and collaborate with the ops team to ensure our hosts and field guides perpetually re-enforce our brand principles
  • Recruit and build a world-class design & product team


  • You possess the confidence & will to passionately advocate for the guest and the brand
  • Despite your elated sense of your capabilities and force of will, you possess the patience and empathy to work collaboratively with your minions and peers
  • You are academically and/or professionally trained in the art & science of user experience design
  • You’re a strong strategist and even stronger at executing
  • You’re a creative & an outside-of-the-box thinker
  • You have an innate sense for people and what makes them tick
  • You harbor empathy for how much time and energy goes into your team’s workloads
  • You’re obsessed with attention to detail; you understand that the little things are the big things
    • For example: the wiggle animation in the new user signup flow, the approachably-hip uniforms donned by our field guides, the balance between rosemary & lavender in each room’s essential oil fragrance
  • You’re able to make decisions quickly and efficiently
  • You have a strong appreciation for clean, elegant design and a gift for language
  • You have impeccable taste in UI/UX design, home decor, box wine and mid 90’s hip hop
  • You have a great sense of humor (more Amy Pohler and Jason Siegel, less Amy Schumer and Will Ferrell)


  • You have a degree in human computer interaction, design, or some such creative field
  • You have experience working in product or creative at a high-growth consumer-focused startup
  • You’ve worked on a beloved consumer brand during its development process
    • Think Everlane, Warby Parker, Away Travel, Harry’s, Allbirds
  • You have experience with Adobe Suite, Sketch, Invision, Unbounce, & JIRA


  • Competitive cash compensation--no need to sacrifice your love of artisan coffee for a better place to work
  • Very strong health benefits package (medical, dental, vision) - stay healthy and happy
  • An understanding for work/life balance and a flexible schedule
  • The opportunity to own a part of what you help build (we're talking equity)
  • A swanky new renovated office workspace downtown
  • Gratuitous helpings of tacos and viral videos at the weekly all-hands

- your team -

We're a group of people who like to work our asses off. We all wear multiple hats and are working on at least 5 projects at a time, but we make work a fun environment you want to be a part of.  Life is never boring here. We're risk takers. We’re (extremely) passionate for amazing guest experience. We care about each other and lend helping hands all day, every day. We say “no” to politics, drama, and traditional resumés.


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