operations manager


- the low-down -

The Guild is a new hospitality concept that empowers travelers to experience their destination as a local, while enjoying the soft sheets and fancy amenities they’ve come to expect from a boutique hotel. Think of us as one-part eclectic home, one-part boutique hotel, and one-part your hipster cousin who takes you on a tour of Austin’s secret spots and hidden gems.

Since our March 2016 launch, we’ve been off to a blistering start. We’ve raised a few bucks, grown our revenues to a scale unimaginable to most 1.5 yr old startups and posted some downright glorious unit economics.

- your role -

Not content to rest on our laurels, we’re ready to take this show worldwide. We are looking for an operations management rockstar who will head up our Dallas market. It's only our second market -- as we grow, this role offers many growth opportunities. This role will have an operational focus, but you will need an understanding of the whole picture to be successful (finance, marketing, and operations).

We’re looking for someone that is obsessed with delivering amazing guest experiences and inspiring the team around them. This person will need to be living in Dallas (strong preference to natives) but willing to train in Austin for a few weeks. Strong operational/hospitality background preferred. We will give you the technology resources, the people, and the support - you give us back the organization, the drive, the obsession. Together, we will change the game in hospitality for the better, forever.


  • Manage a team of 5-10 members
  • Closely monitor company/employee metrics (i.e. clean ratings, net promoter scores, employee performance metrics, etc)
  • Manage 3rd party vendors
  • Updating HQ on any operational changes that could change processes with guests
  • Maintaining Guild standards
  • Weekly reporting to expansion manager/senior ops manager
  • Daily communication with team members
  • Reporting inventory levels on a consistent basis
  • Guest interaction (i.e. responding to negative feedback)


  • You have at least 2 years experience in management with a team of 5+
  • You have strong communication skills (bilingual a plus)
  • You have a great understanding of the Dallas area
  • You have the ability to multitask and wear multiple hats
  • You are a pretty good handyman/handywoman


  • You've led and managed growth in a boutique hotel, hospitality operation, or brand-focused B2C setting before
  • You have an advanced business degree of some sort
  • Your giphy game and/or meme game is strong to very strong (for those weekly meetings)


  • Competitive cash comp. No need to sacrifice your love of artisan coffee for a better place to work.
  • Very strong health benefits package - stay healthy and happy
  • The opportunity to own a part of what you help build (we're talking equity here my friend...)
  • Constant growth: we are growing rapidly and you can expect opportunities for larger and larger roles as the company grows
  • Gratuitous helpings of tacos and viral videos at the weekly all-hands

- your team -

Beyond that, we're a group of people who like to work our asses off. We're not super concerned about work/life balance because we make work a fun environment you want to be a part of. We all wear multiple hats and are working on at least 5 projects at a time. Life is never boring here. We're risk takers. We care about each other and lend helping hands all day, every day. We say NO to politics, drama, and traditional resumés!


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