head of engineering


- the low-down -

The Guild is a new hospitality concept that empowers travelers to experience their destination as a local, while enjoying the soft sheets and fancy amenities they've come to expect from a boutique hotel. Think of us as one-part eclectic home, one-part boutique hotel, and one-part college friend who takes you to the secret spots and hidden gems.

Since our March 2016 launch, we've been off to a blistering start. We've raised a few bucks, grown our revenues to a scale unimaginable to most 2-yr-old startups and posted some downright glorious unit economics.

This growth has been made in spite of our reliance up to this point on third-party apps and systems held together with chewing gum and duct tape. We're proud of the resourcefulness (and infinite patience) of our team. However, it's high time we build custom cutting-edge tech on our own terms and without losing the scrappiness that has gotten us to where we are today.

- your role -

To fulfill our destiny as the indisputable travel experience of the future, we’ll need to break technology boundaries as we set the new standard for extraordinary online-to-offline user experience. You’ll work closely with our co-founder, product manager, and broader engineering team to build game-changing mobile and web apps, next-level smart-home automations, and seamless API integrations with on-demand services to enable our core business model of a 100% virtual front-desk and check-in process. You'll be in the driver’s seat throughout the entire development lifecycle, from high-level architecture, design, and prototyping, through implementation, testing, and deployment. You’ll immerse yourself in our end users’ greatest pain points and design impactful solutions by constantly soliciting feedback and iterating rapidly.

As the first in-house member of our engineering team, this role offers uncapped leadership opportunities as we continue to grow rapidly and scale our technology capabilities from the ground up.


  • 4-10 years experience as a full-stack developer. You're a master of CSS, RESTful APIs, DevOps, and everything in between
  • Scrappy coding skills with proficiency in Javascript, C++, Java, Python or other similar languages.
  • Demonstrated leadership and communication skills. You can explain the nuances of a microservices architecture to your grandparents.
  • Spidey sense for product and user experience. Last year's halloween costume featured a black turtleneck and dad jeans.
  • Feel at home working in a dynamic environment with constant and rapid iteration. You're the MVP of building MVPs.
  • Desire to continuously learn, work independently, and make decisions with little-to-no supervision.


  • Familiarity with our tech stack (see below)
  • Previous experience at a fast-paced startup
  • "Perfect is the enemy of good" was your high school yearbook quote
  • Proficiency with a crock pot. Slow roasted poultry dishes preferred; vegan alternatives welcomed
  • Your GIF and meme game is strong to very-strong


To build the best you need to use the best. Having experience with all of these is not required (though it is a plus!)

  • Web framework: Node.js
  • Client-side: React
  • Data storage: MySQL
  • Server: Nginx running on AWS
  • CI/CD: CircleCI, Ansible
  • Version control: Git
  • Analytics: BigQuery


  • Generous insurance (health, dental, vision)
  • Meaningful equity upside
  • Latest and greatest hardware required to perform your role
  • Free and discounted stays at our well-appointed suites
  • Gratuitous helpings of breakfast tacos and viral videos at the Thursday morning all-hands meeting
  • A spot at our April 2021 NYSE bell ringing ceremony (exact date TBD)

- your team -

We're a group of people who take our work seriously, but never ourselves. We celebrate weirdness, work our asses off, and enjoy the journey. We all wear multiple hats and are working on at least 5 projects at a time. Life is never boring here. We're risk takers. We care about each other and lend helping hands all day, every day. We say no to politics and drama!


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