- the low-down

Keeping things weird here in Austin, TX, The Guild is a fresh hospitality concept that empowers travelers to experience their destination as a local, while enjoying the trimmings of a swanky hotel. Think of us as one-part eclectic home, one-part boutique hotel and one-part your hipster cousin who introduces you to that East Side food truck that slangs the tastiest lobster tacos this side of Bangor, Maine.

Since our March 2016 launch, we’ve been off to a blistering start. We’ve raised a few bucks from some impressive investors, grown our revenues to a scale unimaginable to most 1.5 yr old startups and posted some downright glorious profit margins. Far more importantly, with a net promoter score of 86 (yes, you heard that correctly), our customers love what we’re throwing down.

That’s just the tip of the shrinking polar ice cap. We’re currently refining the playbook here in Austin to take this show worldwide. Given our lean team, our guest acquisition initiatives have been modest up to this point, having focused mostly on posting our properties to well-known booking platforms and word-of-mouth. Our annual marketing budget is currently ~$1 million and we anticipate that growing 2-3x by the end of 2017.

- your role -

Initially a player-coach role reporting directly to the Co-Founder, the Growth & Analytics Lead will be the centerpiece of our clandestine scheme to dominate the globe. As the company continues its rapid growth and expands the team, the role offers uncapped leadership opportunities. Play your cards right, and someday you’ll have a bevy of direct reports to update those price optimization models. The ideal candidate has 3+ years of digital marketing experience.


    • Craft the travel industry's most awe-inspiring digital marketing program, incorporating a smart mix of:
      • the exotic stuff: influencer partnerships, earned media shout-outs, targeted social ads, guest referral programs and...
      • the drab (but proven) stuff: SEM, SEO, listing syndication & reputation enhancement
    • Optimize the bejeezus out of our pricing, incorporating our current room capacity, rates quoted by nearby comps, average booking windows and the impact of popular upcoming events like SXSW and the 23rd Annual Association of KFC Franchisees Convention
    • Develop a robust, yet simple-to-update-and-interpret KPI dashboard to inform the company's direction and focus
    • Evaluate and implement BI tools to mitigate any pain & suffering resulting from dashboard updates
    • Engage in spirited debates with the design team about how the surest way to reduce the bounce rate on our landing pages is to hijack the back button by triggering a pop-up with photos of adorable puppies.


    • 3+ years in a digital marketing role with experience encompassing SEM, SEO, targeted social ads and landing page optimization.
    • A borderline unhealthy obsession with winning. You take great pride in lighting up the scoreboard.
    • Strong to exceptionally strong with MS Excel. You eat keyboard shortcuts for breakfast, VLOOKUPs for lunch, pivot tables for dinner & macros for dessert.
    • Deep fluency with web analytics platforms like Google Analytics or MixPanel


    • Experience persuading Instagram influencers to pimp your product WITHOUT money whipping them
    • Startup experience, ideally at one where the marketing budget was constantly depleted, forcing you to devise clever hacks to acquire users at a low cost
    • 2+ years in an entry-level quaint role at an investment bank or management consulting firm
    • Strong proficiency with a crock pot. Slow roasted poultry dishes preferred


    • Competitive cash comp. The only ramen consumed by our team members is the trendy variety that's served with seaweed and a soft boiled egg
    • If it's a good fit, your comp can be tax-efficiently supplemented with free or subsidized housing at one of our stylishly-appointed flats
    • Meaningful equity upside. Lake Austin real estate ain't getting any cheaper
    • The latest & greatest hardware to power those high-octane spreadsheets. Just so we're on the same page, Macs are for fluffy creative types (admittedly 75% of our team)
    • Gratuitous helpings of breakfast tacos and viral videos at the Friday morning all-hands
    • A spot at our April 2021 NYSE bell ringing ceremony (exact date TBD)

    - your team -

    We're a tight-knit group who cares about our guests. We like to work our asses off. We believe in work/life balance because we make work a fun environment you want to be a part of. We all wear multiple hats and are working on at least 5 projects at a time. Life is never boring here. We're risk takers. We care about each other and lend helping hands all day, every day. We say NO to politics, drama, and traditional resumes!


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