- the low-down -

Welcome to The Guild. We're a tight-knit group who cares about our guests. We don't like being called a "hotel" because we aren't one. We're a new concept in hospitality urging business and leisure travelers to become a part of their neighborhood and live like a local. We provide comfortable, modern spaces for visitors to rest their heads and a rad team behind the curtains to help resolve any and all issues guests might come across. Ultimately, we want our guests to feel like they're at home. 

You'll be spending most of your time with the Field Ops Team; made up of organized, multi-tasking magicians. These folks are quick thinkers and fast on their feet. They have a great sense of humor and aren't afraid of anything (ahem, even plunging toilets). They work closely with the Front Office to help put out fires and make each guest's arrival spectacular.

- your role -

You're organized and a multi-tasker. You have no problem taking direction from others but you're also able to think quickly on your feet and make fast decisions in a pinch. 

• Effectively communicate and problem solve with the Front Office team
• Monitor Slack/Phone for incoming calls and direction from Front Office
• Deliver groceries/bedding/furniture/etc to specific rooms
• Perform "Pre-Arrival" checks (make sure guest codes are working; make sure room is tidy)
• In some cases, clean room from top to bottom (change linens, change towels, clean counters, clean bathrooms, do dishes, vacuum)
• In some cases, perform light maintenance on rooms (change light bulbs, plunge toilets, etc)
• Organize storage closets
• Assist in moving in to new properties
• Upon move-ins, take inventory of utilities, décor, and furniture in each unit
• Be able to chat with and assist guests as needed

• You have a great sense of humor and laugh things off easily
• You have an "up-for-anything" personality
• You're efficient: when carrying groceries inside, you refuse to make two trips to the car. You've figured out a way to harness all bags to your body in a weight-distributed manner so you can transport all 7 bags at once.

• You're friendly and energetic
• You love running errands
• You've mastered the art of breakfast: eggs, bacon, biscuits, fruit salad - you make it ALL

• Competitive cash comp. The only ramen consumed by our team members is the trendy variety that's served with seaweed and a soft boiled egg
• If it's a good fit, your comp can be tax-efficiently supplemented with subsidized housing at one of our stylishly-appointed flats
• Gratuitous helpings of breakfast tacos and viral videos at the Friday morning all-hands

- your team -

We're a group of people who like to work our asses off. We believe in work-life balance and we make work a fun environment you want to be a part of. We all wear multiple hats and are working on at least 5 projects at a time. Life is never boring here. We're risk takers. We care about each other and lend helping hands all day, every day. We say NO to politics, drama, and traditional resumes!


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