Senior Associate, Strategy
and Business Operations.


- the low-down -

The Guild is a new hospitality concept that empowers travelers to experience their destination as a local, while enjoying the soft sheets and fancy amenities they’ve come to expect from a boutique hotel. Think of us as one-part eclectic home, one-part boutique hotel, and one-part college friend who takes you to the secret spots and hidden gems.

Since our March 2016 launch, we’ve been off to a blistering start. We’ve raised a few bucks, grown our revenues to a scale unimaginable to most 2 yr old startups and posted some downright glorious
unit economics.

- your role -

Put simply, you’ll be responsible for solving the largest challenges we face as a business.

Solutions may come  in the form of new initiatives, processes, or software solutions. You’ll own their development / implementation from start-to-finish and if the improvement doesn’t manifest itself in the metrics, we’ll continue to iterate until we’re satisfied. This will require you to wear many hats and get your hands dirty (sorry for the double cliches) working in Product Management, Guest Experience, Project Management, Design, Finance, etc. We love Bankers and Management Consultants around here, but if you’re looking for the 30,000 ft Corporate Strategy job, this is probably not it.  

However, as a chief architect of operations, you’ll be uniquely positioned to make huge impact as your ideas flow freely from your head into the field. Future generations of Guilders will sing ballads of your success.  

As we continue our rapid growth and expand the team, this role offers uncapped leadership opportunities. With moderate success, you’ll quickly have a team of Junior Analysts helping to churn out those process maps.


  • Strategic thinker able to set high-level objectives and translate them into measurable solutions

  • High energy and even higher EQ with a desire to develop strong internal talent and lead cross-functional teams

  • A borderline unhealthy obsession with KPIs and test & learn

  • Strong to exceptionally-strong in Excel. You eat keyboard shortcuts for breakfast, INDEX MATCHes for lunch, pivot tables for dinner, and macros for dessert. You haven’t had an F1 key since middle school.

  • Self-directed and excited to set your own work-plan


  • 2+ years in a quant/strategy role in Management Consulting, Investment Banking, or Biz Ops at a high growth start-up

  • Understanding of SQL and/or Looker (our Business Intelligence tool)

  • Strong proficiency with a crock pot. Slow roasted poultry dishes preferred; vegan alternatives welcomed

  • Your gif and meme game is strong to very-strong


  • Relocation bonus
  • Meaningful equity upside. Lake Austin real estate ain't getting any cheaper
  • The latest & greatest hardware to power those high-octane spreadsheets. Just so we're on the same page, Macs are for fluffy creative types (admittedly 75% of our team)
  • Gratuitous helpings of breakfast tacos and viral videos at the Thursday morning all-hands meeting
  • A spot at our April 2021 NYSE bell ringing ceremony (exact date TBD)

- your team -

We're a group of people who take our work seriously, but never ourselves. We celebrate weirdness, work our asses off, and enjoy the journey. We all wear multiple hats and are working on at least 5 projects at a time. Life is never boring here. We're risk takers. We care about each other and lend helping hands all day, every day. We say no to politics and drama!