Interview: Sophia

Job: Management Consultant

Home base: New York, NY

Age: 27

Education: University of Pennsylvania


On her perfect day

"I'd throw on my workout clothes first. Then on the way to Soul Cycle I'd grab an iced coffee. They'd have an awesome class--evolution of Brittany Spears, Beyonce v J-Lo--that I could get all excited about. After spin my friends and I would head straight brunch still in the athleisure wear, so it can't be any place too fancy. Once brunch is toast (ha), I'd go shower and change into a fun outfit and then go enjoy the city for the day. I really like Brooklyn so I imagine I'd be posted on a rooftop someplace with friends. For dinner I'd go someplace that's relaxed but still has great food, and a fun vibe. That night we'd go bowling or go-karts, something like that. Then off to bed!"

On her favorite place to visit

"Hmmm--I would say Kennebunkport, Maine. I've been in both summer & winter and it's wonderful during each. Most importantly it feels a bit secluded, off the beaten path. Summer is great because you can ride bikes around and enjoy the beach. Winter is soooo cozy. You just sit by the fire under a blanket, drink cider, and relax. I need to go back!"

On her best travel tip

"I mean, TSA pre-check is a must. After that, I'd say always, always do carry on. Unless you're going on a super long trip checking a bag isn't worth the hassle. Plus, if you have a connecting flight you're just asking for trouble. I've also heard of packing your different types of clothing into individual bags--underwear, socks, shirts, etc. It's like bag-ception."

On the hotel industry in 2018

"It is ripe for disruption, I think. The same brands have held sway for too long and it feels monopolized a bit. Sure they have have great rewards programs, but you feel like just a number. I definitely understand why people are turning to alternate accommodations--you feel like you're more in control of your experience. BUT. I do love robes at hotels..."

On the challenges of traveling 4 days a week

"Where to begin...The 5am wake up calls, lack of consistency with meals, working out usually goes out the window. When you're not working it's not like you can grab dinner with friends. Worst of all? The small talk!"

On the trip she'll never forget

"Iceland! I went with four friends. We rented a car and drove around the whole island, staying in BnBs along the way. For me, experiences are key when traveling. I love a combination of relaxation & adventure. We went to blue lagoon and a spa one day, but also went dog sledding and hiked glaciers. I'd go back in a heart beat!"

On the first thing she does when she wakes up at The Guild

"Remain in my PJs for sure. Head to the kitchen to make coffee. They always have the good stuff--local roasters. I settle into the couch, flip on the news, and bask in the morning light. It's just pleasant. I never feel like I need to rush out the door, like I would in a normal hotel room. You want to linger, make breakfast in rather than grab something on the way to the office."