Guild City Center: Business Travel(er)

a day in the life of a road warrior at guild city center

The alarm went off at 6:30 just like every other day. The sun was gently peeking over the horizon as he put on his running shoes, grabbed his headphones, and headed out the door. One of the things he loved most about City Center was the proximity to the lake trail. He wasn’t stuck by a freeway, having to sacrifice his running routine.

Outside Austin was slowly coming to life. He threw on the latest episode of How I Built This and kicked it into gear. This was arguably his favorite place to run--where else could he feel a part of the city while feeling apart of it simultaneously? The rowing teams were out practicing on the Colorado River and the dog parks were full of furry creatures racing after tennis balls.

                                     Ann and Roy Butler hike & bike trail

                                     Ann and Roy Butler hike & bike trail

                       Records and Honor Bar

                       Records and Honor Bar

Back at the room he immediately threw a Fleetwood Mac vinyl on the record player. That was one of his favorite parts of the Guild. Not only did they have record players, but they knew what his favorite music was. Stevie Nicks provided the perfect background music as he prepared his breakfast for the day: toast, eggs, avocado, and greek yogurt. The best part? His groceries were there when he arrived on Mondays. The Guild knew him too well. Stepping out on the balcony he enjoyed a cup of local Austin coffee while taking in the view and skimming through a newsletter to get caught up on the day.

After a quick shower, with his new favorite Skoah shampoo, he donned his suit and it was time to start the easiest commute of his adult life--two blocks. Getting off the elevator downstairs he saw Ronny at the front-desk. As always, he built in an extra 5 minutes into the commute in order to chat with Ronny. They talked about how the stay was going, what was going on in Austin that week, and if he had any requests. Every conversation with Ronny always left him with a smile that stuck with him throughout the day


He arrived at the client’s office ready to go. He wanted to attribute his chipper attitude to his natural disposition, but he knew that it stemmed from feeling at home while here in Austin. His colleagues could tell he was in a good mood--asking him why he was so happy to be there, wasn’t it just another Thursday? “Sure it is. But I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night”. This was met with a few laughs until they asked where he did stay. Launching in to a run-down of the Guild delayed their meeting by 10 minutes, but no one cared--they were enthralled with what he had to say.

At five o’clock it was time for happy hour--it was Thursday, after all. He and a group of co-workers headed to Peché to grab a cocktail or two. They loved this bar because you could actually have a conversation (i.e. not 6th street) with each other, plus their mojitos were stellar. While at happy hour, he texted the Guild’s front desk and asked if they could get him a reservation at Lambert’s for dinner. As always, they responded immediately with a yes--he was confirmed for 4 people at 7pm. Once again, his colleagues were impressed. Where else could you get this type of customer service?

               Peche Signature Cocktail

               Peche Signature Cocktail


Lambert’s was a hit and the barbeque was second-to-none. With the topic of the day having been the Guild, his colleagues wanted to see the coup de grâce: the room. “Come on up” he said as they paid the bill. They headed up to the room and took in the sunset from the balcony while enjoying a drink from frosty Guild mugs. His colleagues didn’t want to go home for the weekend. They were all too excited to stay at City Center come Monday.

Bidding them goodnight, he popped on Van Morrison and began to pack up to fly home. With everything ready to go, he hit the Tuft & Needle mattress. Everything about this week’s stay had been perfect. As strange as it seemed, he felt at home when at City Center. He was able to balance his routines with the fun of discovering new things in Austin. While he may be heading home, he thought, he’ll be right back here on Monday. And that was quite alright with him.