Garage Entrance.



Parking is available for guests at $20 per night (a steep discount to what the garage charges). You must register your plate with us ASAP after arrival so we can register your car. If your car is unregistered, you may be towed (and we really don't want your trip to Austin to include a trip to the Scenic Tow Yard). Please text us a photo of your license plate at 512-623-7480 to register your car.

  • The Guild is located within the Indie Apartment Building at 1630 East 6th St, 78702.

  • temporarily park on 6th and Chalmers to obtain the building fob and parking pass. 

(see image above)

  • Walk toward the door labeled "Elevator Lobby Entrance."

  • There will be a callbox where you will insert the building code provided to you over text.  


NOTE: The door is located East of the leasing office and Indie Signage

(see image above)

  • Enter the building access code.

  • When the door is open, the call box will say "access granted," allowing you inside.

NOTE: We should have sent the 4-digit building access code to your email address and through text.

(see image above)


  • walk down the hall and locate the Keycafe box in the elevator area.

(see image above)

pasted image 0.png
  • note: if entering through the Leasing Office, the elevator area is past the offices and through the door to the right.

(see image above)

KeyCafe_Hallway copy.jpg
  • obtain the building fob from the Keycafe box in the elevator area.

  • this fob will grant you access to your floor, the building entrance, and amenity areas.

(see image above)

Keycafe_Closeup copy.jpg

questions about the Keycafe and how it works? Watch a quick 30second video here

  1. Touch the screen to view the menu

  2. Select ‘Pick Up Keys

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts:

    • Type in your phone number (associated with the reservation)

    • Tap ‘Submit’

    • Tap ‘Pickup Key’ (a bin should open with the keys inside)

  4. Take the keys from the bin and close the bin

  5. Follow the on-screen prompts until you see the screen ‘Transaction Complete’

(see image above)

  • return to your vehicle and place the parking pass on your dashboard

  • Enter the garage off Chalmers, drive down into the gated section, and park on any floor 2P or below in any unmarked, open space.

(see image above)

  • take the elevator to you floor

(see image above)

Floor_signage copy.jpg
  • use the floor map for guidance to your room.

(see image above)


(see image above)

  • Press the 'Schlage' button to backlight your keyless lock pad.

(see image above)

  • once backlit, enter code

  • If the code is accepted, you will receive a green check-mark, granting you access.

  • If a red 'x' flashes, allow 5 seconds to pass before trying your code again.

(see image above)