Startup Story x The Guild

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Our co-founder Brian Carrico was recently featured on the 60th episode of The Startup Story.

The Guild is looking to bring the 200,000-year-old hotel industry into the new age. In this episode, we highlight one of its co-founders, Brian Carrico. The Guild has over 600 units in 6 major markets and continues to grow. The Guild brings to hotels all the things you love about being home. The goal is to bring all the best of what we desire from a hotel stay and what we love about home into one vacation experience. It's an amazing model. Brian and his team are doing an incredible job scaling in a really smart way.

Today you will hear from Brian just how important it is to seize the learning opportunities that come in moments of challenge, or even failure. You will hear how powerful it is to surround yourself with people that are there to pick you up when you need it most. You will also learn how empowering it can be to fully understand your strength as a founder.

This is Brian Carrico’s startup story.

About this episode

  • How he loved the experience and challenge that came from moving throughout his childhood as his father moved up in his career

  • The most surprising thing about his transition from engineering in Oman to West Texas in the cabin business

  • His first-time experience pitching to investors, and then deciding to go back to college to get an MBA in business

  • Transitioning from the cabin business to The Guild, what that looked like, and how he went about transitioning from one entrepreneurial season to the next

  • Some of the lessons, challenges, and wins Brian has experienced through the growth of The Guild and the progression as an entrepreneur

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