5 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Happy

The Loft at Guild Victory Park

The Loft at Guild Victory Park


Make sure your policies--especially travel--reflect your values

No one wants to work for a company they can’t relate to. If your company values autonomy and flexibility, make sure that these are present in the travel policy. A mis-match of policies will lead to employees being unproductive, as well as stressed, while on the road. In addition, be aware of changes in the company culture. Values are not static, after all.

Listen to what your employees want

If implementing a new policy, hosting a team building event, or sending out an internal survey, make sure to record all responses & reactions. For instance, many companies send out a culture survey once a quarter. Responses are anonymous so employees can honestly share their thoughts and feedback. It allows your leadership to gauge morale and make improvements where necessary.

Ensure that your employees feel at home

No one wants to live in an Office Space setting. Sterile environments with fluorescent lights and cubicle settings do not lend themselves to employee happiness. Opt instead for natural light, comfortable seating arrangements, and ensure that no one feels chained to their desk. While on the road, provide your employees with a range of accommodation types so they can choose what suits them best.

Be attentive to those who travel often

Travel burn-out is very real. Your employees who travel the most need to have as much flexibility as possible while on the road. Allow them to arrive a day early if they’re on a long trip so they can recuperate from traveling and have a chance to explore a city. Do whatever you can to make them happy--allowing them to be as productive as they can when away.

Create collaborative spaces in and outside the office

White walled meeting rooms with a conference table feel like a polygraph testing room rather than a collaborative space. Create spaces where employees minds’ can wander freely, unconstrained from a drab meeting room. While on the road, seek out accommodations that have open areas in which to collaborate, such as our Skylounge (pictured below) at Guild Lamar Union or our loft at Guild Victory Park.

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