10 Travelers You See at the Airport


The Elite

They're enrolled in every rewards program, have a million plus miles, and TSA PreCheck. Think George Clooney in Up in the Air. They've got traveling down to a science. They're prepared for any & every situation.

The Newbie

They've clearly never done this before. They bring four water bottles so they don't have to buy them at the airport (they heard they're expensive). They get taken by TSA, as does their hairspray, flame thrower, and full-sized shampoo. They leave their Gateway laptop in their over-sized carryon bag.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla

Photo: Chip Somodevilla

The Siege Tactics

Four suitcases, a carryon, and a backpack. They actually brought the kitchen sink. Or they might just be trying to invade Russia during the winter. We may never know.


The Backpacker

Efficiency is key with these folk. Everything they own fits onto their back. They've been around the Bloc(k) a time or two, so they know the drill when it comes to airports. That said, you might see them brushing their teeth and/or bathing in the sink.


The Family of Four

You hear it before you see it. It's a beast with eight legs and four noses. It moves at a catatonically slow pace. If you're stuck behind it in security, it's already too late.

Family Airport.jpg

The Honeymooners

You spot their 'Just Married' luggage tag first. Then you notice the hand holding. And all the other PDA. For them it's a trip of firsts. Just make sure you're not around to witness their first fight.


The I'm Late!

They're moving at a pace that's not quite a fast-walk but not quite a jog. They're beginning to sweat. They're frantically conversing with employees. They try and cut in line at security. They arrive at the boarding door 30 seconds too late and miss their flight.

Airport Run.gif

The Unaccompanied Minor

They're truly a small fish in a big pond. They're usually being shepherded around like a little lamb. They're the first on the plane and the last off. Most importantly, their caretaker is teaching them how to become an Elite traveler. 


The Vacationer

Mostly like found slamming margaritas at Chili's Too. They show you that 5 o'clock somewhere also means 5 AM. They're already dressed in their beachwear in anticipation of touching down hours from now. 


The Ultra-Comfort

No that's not LeBron James in his warm-up gear. It's the ultimate travel outfit: sweats, sneakers, sunglasses, and noise cancelling headphones. They're going to fall asleep once they hit their seat. 


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