Goodnight Generic Hotel Room


In the generic hotel room

There was a landline phone

And a no smoking sign

And a picture of--

A bland landscape: lake and pine

And there were three little signs on

The desk

And a single coffee pouch

And a stiff couch

And a not-so-free water bottle

And an A/C on full throttle

And a shower cap and a bagged hairdryer

And an alarm clock

And a noisy neighbor jamming to

Hard rock

Goodnight generic hotel room

Goodnight moon

Goodnight lake and pine

Goodnight light

And the no smoking sign

Goodnight coffee pouch

Goodnight stiff couch

Goodnight alarm clock

And goodnight old iPhone dock

Goodnight spreadsheets

And goodnight airplane seats

Goodnight shower cap

And goodnight fire escape map

Goodnight luggage rack

And goodnight missing sock

Goodnight closet safe

And goodnight double door lock

And goodnight noisy neighbor jamming to

Hard rock

Goodnight world

Goodnight space

Goodnight carry-on suitcase


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