8 Books under 300 pages.

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Whether you’re traveling and need a beach read or want a short book to knock-out while lounging at home, let our list pique your interest.

1. Ted Chiang:
Stories of Your Life and Others

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A collection of short stories, the most popular of which was turned into Arrival. Chiang explores numerous themes eloquently deemed “The OG Black Mirror episodes”. You’ll enjoy the read.

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Gladwell, whose bibliography is as extensive as it is insightful, examines how people think without thinking. Specifically he focuses on how those decisions seemingly made in the ‘blink of an eye’ are not as simple as they appear.


3. Aldous Huxley:
A Brave New World

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Akin to Orwell's 1984, Huxley delves into a dystopian future ruled by technology and authoritarian regimes. Humans are socially indoctrinated, heavily medicated, and genetically bred. It forces the reader to question their place in the world’s future.


4. Cormac McCarthy:
Blood Meridian

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This epic western was named one of Time’s top 100 books. McCarthy’s stark and bleak prose meshes seamlessly with the plot itself. The story focuses on The Kid as he wanders through the US-Mexico border circa 1850 with a gang of scalp hunters. If you’re wanting a light read, this is not the book for you. If you're into Westworld, then this is right up your alley.


5. Michael Lewis:
The Big Short

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The movie is stellar, but the book is better. Lewis succinctly explains how the housing market in the US crashed in 2008. He makes CDOs, credit ratings, and wall street itself digestible. The nuggets of wisdom about the housing market you’ll take away are invaluable.


6. Stephen Hawking:
A Brief History of Time

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Fair warning it is not an easy read. Hawking starts from the big bang and works onwards from there. He dives into physics, space, and the nature of time. That said Hawking’s goal was to make the book accessible to the layman. It’s not filled with technical jargon and big science words you won’t understand.


7. Ernest Hemingway:
A Moveable Feast

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Considered the inspiration for the movie Midnight in Paris, this is a collection of personal stories by the man himself. It is an easy book to pick up and put down, and will instill in you a desire to sit at a café in Paris, enjoy a nice Chablis, and chat with good friends.


8. J.D. Vance:
Hillbilly Elegy

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Vance, who grew up in Appalachia, examines a culture in crisis through the lense of personal experience. He tells the story of a social, regional, and class decline of the white working class. It is filled with humor and vivid characters that all play into how upward mobility feels on a personal level.


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