Office BUZZwords


Every space and industry is chock full of jargon and buzzwords. In both the corporate and startup spaces they are inescapable. Below is a sampling of the most common buzzwords heard around our office:



Outside the box:  ‘Our team, and our concept, is completely outside the box’ 

Disrupt:  ‘Our main goal is to disrupt this industry and show the consumers what they really want: cars with built in toasters’ 

Value added: ‘The latest survey showed our new process was a real value-add. It seems the people prefer our men’s line of capris’

Agile: ‘We’re agile, we iterate’

Pivot: ‘This wasn’t working so let’s pivot to not buying gas station sushi for lunch…’

Piggybacking: ‘Piggybacking off that idea…’

Leverage: ‘We have the opportunity to leverage our unique position in the Alpaca wool market…’

Impact: ‘Use the metrics and data we have on hand to measure impact’

Circle back: ‘I wanted to circle back on…’

Bubble up: ‘Take that issue and bubble it up to the lead’

Deep dive: ‘Let’s do a deep dive on that to figure out if Twinkies really never expire’

Best practice: ‘We need to have a best practice in place before we roll out our new product: coffee flavored Gatorade’

Move the goalposts: ‘A finite goal will ensure we don’t keep moving the goalposts. No one wants to end up 4th and long’

Low hanging fruit: ‘Take that out first, it’s the low hanging fruit. Just make sure it’s not grapefruit: I’m allergic’

On your radar: ‘I just wanted to get this project on your radar’

Boots on the ground: ‘Get some boots on the ground to gather some data…’

Let’s talk about this offline: ‘Great point but let’s follow up offline. I’ll send over a carrier pigeon’

Are there some buzzwords that we missed? Let us know!


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