5 Tips to Avoid Business Travel Burnout

Hey consultants, we’re talking to you. You’re always on the road, away from home, at the client’s beck and call, ordering room service and working late nights. How do you stay happy, sane, and in touch with everyone back home? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the “road-warrior” lifestyle.


don't lose touch with your routine

It’s easy to jump into a new place and lose track of working out, meditating, reading, listening to podcasts or doing whatever it is that makes you feel at home. While small, these things help give you a sense of comfort and help keep your routine in check. Find the small moments in your day where you can squeeze these in (on the way to a client site, or when you are getting ready in the morning?). Don’t forget to “do you”.


stay in touch

Nowadays, it’s easy to use facetime, texting and social media to stay in touch with everyone back home. Make sure you stay connected to those you care about and sometimes you’ll see that distance, does indeed, make the heart grow fonder!


eat healthily

When you’re on the road, it’s easy to grab that quick slice of pizza or eat whatever is next to you. Or maybe you are completely taking advantage of that expense budget and splurging (3 course meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, anyone?) Find the balance of treating yourself but also eating right. Your diet helps fuel the brainpower that you need as you navigate through a new city, new people or new challenges.


love your own company

Traveling and being away from home teaches you how to truly enjoy your own company. Don’t have anyone to try out that new restaurant in town with? Tired of hanging out with your case team? Want to check out that new cocktail bar and not talk about work? Do it! There’s nothing more empowering than feeling truly at ease, posted up at a bar (table or chair) and just getting out of your comfort zone. You’ll realize that sometimes, your company is the best one of all!


listen to your limits

Hear us out on this one. There are moments when our bodies and minds just can’t take it anymore. We don’t have the strength to socialize anymore or stare at that spreadsheet for one more minute. That moment where the client calls for the 900th time asking you to make another change to the deck. That’s ok, take a step back, take a break and listen to your gut. Once you find that balance, we promise you’ll be happier.

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