why stay guild?


local experiences + consistency & comfort.

When you book with The Guild, you'll get clean, roomy apartments and a charming, experiential stay. We're the best of both worlds: a hotel and a short-term rental rolled into one. We provide stylish, spacious suites with hotel-like amenities, a mobile concierge team, and a sick rewards program. Our professional housekeeping staff and concierge team are ready & willing to help you out with any of your needs.



in your room, find: silly vinyl quotes, a lamp disguised as a monkey, or a Star Wars pillow.

Our goal is two-fold: first, to make you smile & take you by surprise, and second to make you feel at home. We don't put the same art print in every room like the 4-star hotels of the world. Everything in our units down to the objet d'art on your coffee table has been curated. We believe in supporting our community; our spaces are created by our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and collaborators - all local Austinites. It's a win-win-win situation: we support local artists & designers, you feel more at home, and we find joy in giving you a stellar place to rest your head. 


live like a local

experience Austin like it's meant to be experienced.

We want you to skip the chain coffee shops and grab coffee at our favorite neighborhood café and skip the stale hotel bar to grab a drink at the basement jazz bar around the corner. Walk right past the lobby and head into the city, where you'll make lasting relationships with locals. We want you to try eclectic foods at as many food trailers as possible, go paddle boarding on Town Lake, and go two-stepping at Honky-Tonk joints. Leave us reeking of Austin!


think of us as your guide to the version of the city that the guidebooks won't tell you about.

Need restaurant recommendations? Want to know the best shopping districts? Need help deciding between two flavors at Lick Ice Cream? Shoot us a text and we'll disclose our best-kept secrets. When you talk to a Guild Team Member, you're talking to a friend; we give our honest opinions and won't hold back! So please don't be shy. Reach out and introduce yourself; we're stoked that you're here.


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